About the Company

Important changes in the regulation of the legal profession currently being considered by the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, promise opportunities for new and creative approaches to the delivery of legal services, making them more accessible and affordable.

“Unbundled” legal services and “Limited Retainers” that were not considered feasible or desirable in the past, have now been included as service delivery options.  This holds promise for more cost efficient, client focused, and affordable services. These are also the principal objectives of ANM Legal Services which offers select, short term, solution oriented, legal services to municipal governments, non profit organizations, small business owners, solo law practitioners and self-represented individuals.

ANM Legal Services believes there is a need to rethink how legal services are delivered. Though the largest of corporations and the wealthiest of individuals continue to be able to engage with the legal profession in the same way they always have historically, with its traditional service delivery model, the same cannot be said of non profit organizations, municipalities, small businesses and individuals.

The high cost of legal services today discourages many of these clients from consulting lawyers proactively when it is most timely and cost efficient to do so.  For example, before a decision is made to terminate an employee, before a tender is called and the successful bid is selected, or before a construction contract is executed by an individual with a home builder.

Invariably, the cost of consulting legal counsel in advance of important decisions being made, or agreements being concluded , or employees being hired, disciplined, or terminated, is far less than the cost of fixing a badly written contract, or obtaining release from an improvident agreement, or defending a wrongful dismissal action.

Our goal is to make quality services available when they can be most beneficial and most cost effective for the Clients. Quality and timely legal services do not have to be excessively costly.

While visiting ANM Legal Services on the web, please take the opportunity to review the posts concerning new cases dealing with various aspects of municipal, employment, labour, commercial and non-profit law.


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