Commercial Law

Contracts, agreements of purchase and sale, leases, assignments, bills of lading, tenders, requests for proposals are the substance of Commercial Law. Andrew Montgomery has substantial experience advising municipal governments, small businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and individuals on all aspects of commercial law. He has significant experience in the public procurement process, including the drafting of tenders and requests for proposals for multi-million dollar contracts.  He has drafted or reviewed tenders for much smaller purchases such as vehicles, miscellaneous kinds of service equipment and home construction. In addition, he has prepared public procurement policies for a number of municipal clients in order to ensure compliance with Nova Scotia’s Public Procurement Act.

Clear and precise terms are essential in commercial transactions such as those referred to above.  When disputes do arise between contracting parties, however, the language and wording of the contract invariably becomes critically important. Indeed, well written commercial documents go a long way in preventing disputes in the first place. However, when such disputes do arise, a well written contract will generally provide for easier and less costly resolution. ANM Legal Services strives to draft clear, precise and unambiguous commercial documents.