Contact ANM Legal Services


ANM Legal Services can be contacted by email at or by andrew-montgomery-lgphone or text at (902) 635-2684. For initial contact, email or texting is generally best. Depending on client preference and the nature of the service required, video conferencing and Skype are additional communication methods.  If, at any time, it is deemed preferable by the client to meet in person, this too can be arranged.

ANM Legal Services is designed to operate as a “virtual law office”, that is to say, a law office that is not physical, but which exists over the internet.  One of the essential benefits of a virtual law firm is that is does not require expensive office space or a large number of staff, the two greatest expenses of most traditional law offices.  The result is significant cost savings that can be passed on to the client.

At the same time, ANM Legal Services understands and appreciates that trust and confidence are the hallmarks of the solicitor/client relationship and that actual face to face meetings are considered by most to be essential to building trust and confidence.  For these reasons, we would be pleased to meet with any prospective client interested in our services in order to establish this initial trust and confidence.