Labour and Employment Law

Labour and Employment Law is a specific type of contract law. However,there are numerous features of Labour and Employment law that justify separating it from general contract law and treating it as an independent area of legal service. It is, in fact, the unique features of Labour and Employment law that frequently cause employers difficulties if they are unfamiliar with those features.

Andrew Montgomery has substantial experience in negotiating, drafting, litigating and/or arbitrating employment contracts and labour agreements. He also has experience mediating the resolution of grievances in the labour context.  In addition, he has been called upon to investigate and make recommendations in serious cases of systemic workplace conflict.

Employer and employee rights in the hiring process, the workplace and in termination, have been much modified today through legislation.  This legislation covers the areas of labour and employment, human rights, and occupational health and safety. Andrew Montgomery has provided guidance and advice in all these legislative contexts. He has generally represented employers in this area of law, e.g., small business owners, municipal governments, non-profit organizations and other institutional clients.

As stated previously, making timely, accurate and affordable legal services available so that counsel can be obtained before problems arise, as opposed to after they have arisen, can reduce the budget line for legal costs considerably for the employer.