Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing (“LPO”) has been referred to as a “wave of the future” in the practice of law, a “game changer” for law firms, and a new multi-billion dollar business growth opportunity for the legal industry world wide.IMG_0468

In actual fact, LPO has existed as a business model in the legal landscape for the past fifty to sixty years though it has, for the most part, been historically  restricted to specialized areas such as patent and trademark law.

LPO has been defined as “the practice of a law firm or corporation obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm or legal support services company”.

The multi-billion dollar growth opportunity that LPO is said to represent is most often articulated as an international market opportunity accessible only by the largest and most sophisticated of law firms.  Some refer to LPO as “offshoring” certain legal services like legal research, document drafting, preparation of briefs, to LPO service providers overseas in countries such as India.  In this respect, LPO is broadly analogous to call centre services being moved offshore, or manufacturing being moved offshore to take advantage of more favourable labour conditions.

Notwithstanding the clear international dimension of LPO, ANM Legal Services believes it also presents a substantial opportunity for the legal profession at regional and local levels as well.  At regional and local levels, LPO can be made accessible to, and  present potential business growth opportunities for, solo practitioners as well as many small and medium sized law firms.  Rather than referring a client out to another firm when certain specific services are needed and risking the loss of the client, a sole practitioner or smaller firm can, in effect, purchase the legal expertise required from an LPO service provider risk free. LPO service providers have demonstrated that concerns about client confidentiality and conflict of interest are easily dealt with by recognizing LPO service providers are required to comply with all of the same ethical rules and procedures that govern the conduct of lawyers and law firms in the jurisdiction within which the LPO service provider operates.

ANM Legal Services offers two types of LPO service.  First, the firm offers legal advice in selected areas of law including, contract law, labour and employment law, human rights law, civil litigation, municipal law and non-profit law.  Solo practitioners and smaller firms do not always have broad, in-depth expertise in these subject areas.  They may, however, have clients who from time to time may require advice in areas of law the solo practitioner and small firm do not feel fully conversant with. Solo practitioners and small firms can now access this expertise through ANM Legal Services at very competitive rates.  In all cases, legal services are provided by ANM Legal Services through the requesting lawyer or firm in a way that respects and preserves the primary solicitor-client relationship.

Secondly, ANM Legal Services also offers a suite of legal support services that forms the main stream offerings of most LPO service providers.  These include legal document drafting, legal research, preparation of briefs, opinions, civil litigation support.

ANM Legal Services would be pleased to meet with you in person, or remotely if preferred, to discuss how LPO might be able to expand the range of legal services you are currently able to provide your clients and how these services can be made available cost effectively.