Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations in Canada are the backbone of many of the social services provided to the most vulnerable individuals in our communities who have different special needs. Vulnerable individuals may include persons with physical and/or mental disabilities, those in need of shelter or food, those who might otherwise not be employable and others. The role of non-profits has grown to such extent that an entire body of law exists regulating their formation, funding, operations, charitable status and, where applicable, their licensing.

Andrew has provided legal advice to numerous non-profit organizations for many years on all aspects of the registration of societies, application for charitable status, employment and labour issues, procurement and day to day business. He also provides pro bono services to non-profit boards on the subjects of governance, the conduct of board business and the fiduciary duties of board directors.

ANM Legal Services offers the option to non profit organizations of modest monthly retainers for unlimited telephone consultations that do not require written opinions or extensive research.  In most cases, it will be possible for us to offer unlimited telephone consultations for as little as $250 per month (plus HST). Such consultations may be on any aspect of law relevant to the specific non-profit agency.